UConduit H-Bot printer design


I came across this design for an H-Bot 3D printer that utilizes inexpensive EMT thin wall electrical conduit for the frame, and wondered if anyone here has ever built or even seen one?


It looks like it would be really solid while still remaining inexpensive to build. All of the information is four to five years old though and it doesn’t look like any further development has occurred. There are only a handful of videos on YouTube, and several of them are the original developer’s videos. It seems as if the design never really “took off”, although I don’t see any reason why not.



I really like the use of conduit! I don’t particularly like the H-Bot thing though - I’d rather use this conduit and build something like a Hypercube, only cheaper from the frame side of things. Definitely interested in maybe having a go at designing it though - it will test my CAD skills!



The thing of using conduits and other cheap stuff that’s designed for construction is that while you might get a good true one, the other one might be “slightly” untrue, and that might cause problems. Just don’t use that for the rails :slight_smile:

Luckily, it’s very easy to check the trueness of a pipe with just a reasonably flat surface.

And we can use 3D printed parts to compensate for the lack of precision in the cut.



The conduit is only used for the cuboid frame of the printer. I suppose a grossly bent or wavy section of conduit could complicate squaring up the frame, but as cheap as conduit is (a 10 foot (~3.3M) length is less than $10 USD at Lowe’s), buy extra! I also think that the “compression fitting” design for attaching the ends would simplify squaring it up.
I do wonder about how tight those fittings would be in the long term; There is a lot of vibration in a 3D printer and you definitely wouldn’t want the conduit sliding around on the end pieces.