Unable to get stallguard working TMC5160 Marlin 2.0

Hi all, could I please get some help getting stallguard working?

I have a RUMBA32
Running marling 2.0 bugfix
with TMC5160 drivers

DIAG1 on the 5160’s is wired to S pin on X/Y/ZMIN

General movement seems to work ok, but I cannot get stallguard to work at all. Attempting to home moves the Z axis up 10, then X or Y just move a little forward and back, but doesn’t attempt to home. If I send a move command that drives the axis into an end, it doesn’t stall, just keeps pushing. Using M122 to see stallguard status doesn’t seem to make much sense, there doesn’t appear to be any logic of when the flags come on.

Config attached - bear in mind I’ve been experimenting with related settings, so some may be clearly wrong, but I cant find much of a guide to use…

config.h https://pastebin.com/z9tfCWnZ
config_avd.h https://pastebin.com/aEZye6Vn