Unclog titanium heatbreak


Hi, I tried to print with a Titanium heatbreak and it clogged with PLA.

How do I unclog?

Mine is an el cheapo, is this normal with brand name ones?



Hi rui,

An inexpensive heatbreak without a PTFE liner will clog if the inside surface isn’t VERY smooth. If you put the heatbreak under a flame, you can melt out the PLA. Make sure you clean the part thoroughly after melting the plastic, as any soot or debris can reclog the heatbreak.




Thanks Stefan.

But I’m going to boil it in water instead, so I get more control of the temperature and surely won’t carbonize the plastic.

Meanwhile, I’ve been thinking and researching and I’ve found some solutions that I’m going to share here, if anyone is interested:

  • a guy on YouTube shows he has polished a cheap heatbreak with a cotton string and metal polish, seems reasonable for a home solution.

  • some people I see complaining about PLA sticking even with name brand hotends (Micro Swiss and even E3D), guess I did really wrong buying a cheap Chinese one (I actually tried to find a PTFE solution, but there seems to be none, the base PTFE Creality one has horrible sealing problems that I wanted to avoid).

  • I didn’t put thermal paste on the heatbreak top, and I see that is a normal recommendation, so I’m going to put some thermal paste there, makes sense.

  • I currently don’t have any materials that have problems with PTFE, so I’m thinking of lubricating it with PTFE… if PTFE gets mixed with filament, should’t be a problem, as it won’t melt at 200ºC



Keep in mind that PLA will not melt at 100C. PTFE in the form of a tube should be used, not a fluid.