Hi all… Im from South Africa and im a fairly capable maker…

Im currently going through the process of learning to work with usb-c connectors on development boards and i noticed a few significant things… Firstly the power capabilities spanning all the way to 20v, 100w @ 5amps, it also rocks a 20pin connection leaving lots of space for data transfer @ 20 Gbit/s on the 3.2 specification combining this with the usb-c alternative mode, non traditional protocols can be implemented on these connections and cables.

Heres the question,
How does one go about getting started with open source designing a 32bit main board for cnc and 3d printing that uses mostly usbc connections?

Would this even be a lucrative project to undertake?

If the hotetend/extruder could be connected using a single cable would most people prefer a complete assembly or a modable board with simple plug-ins for existing hardware?

And finally is there anyone willing to assist in such an undertaking as a open source initiative?