Video about Multicolor "Diamond Hotend" Upgrade


first of all … many thanks for all the great videos on youtube in regard to 3d printing.
The content is always very interesting and useful. I also like to see here also “non mainstream” reviews. :smiley:

I am following the 3d printer scene since quite long time.
From my perspective the multicolor printing will become of one of the most important new feature in the near future.
The Prusa MK2S Multicolor Upgrade seems to usher in new era of multicolor 3d printing.
For the moment i am still very excited and happy with my BCN3D Sigma using independent dual extruder.
But i think the future will go into the direction to print multiple colors via one nozzle because of simplicity of calibration and option to have more than one color.

Because of this it woule be really very interesting to see how to upgrade normal 3d printer with “diamond hotend”.
My suggestion would be to do this based on the popular Creality CR-10 … so you could also make “most wanted” review on this printer.
From my perspective this kind of printer is the best option for the “Diamond Hotend” Upgrade.
Unfortunately there are not much videos and tutorials about upgrade, usage and quality available for the diamond hotend.

@Tom: Would be great to see such video.

Happy printing …