Wanhao D6 Thermistor Issues


Hello, my original hot end reached a state beyond repair, so I tried to go for a nicer one. However upon installing the new thermistor with the new hotend, I am just getting ERROR - STOPPED Temp Error. I have verified that the new thermistor has good contact with the pins on the printer. Any ideas what is causing this? Keep in mind that this is a different thermistor, and tell me if and how to reconfigure the printer to resume operation. Any help is appreciated!


What did you actually fit?

The wanhao d6 doesn’t use thermistors, it uses a PT100 thermocouple. Which is very, very, different electrically.


Thank you, that was a massive help. I just assumed it was a thermistor like most printers. I think I just may try to cut a bigger hole in the new block to fit the old thermocouple.