Want to rebuild Sells Mendel


In 2013, a fellow I was doing development work for gave me a used 3D printer so I could do some prototyping. I knew nothing and don’t know much yet about 3D printing, but with the machine I was able to get prints of sufficient quality for proof of concept. Other than the build appeared to be of low quality, I knew nothing of the printer.

Jump forward about 4 years of the printer not being used, and I had a personal project I wanted to use it for. I couldn’t get the thing to work. After research and dabbling, I found that the printer was a Sells Mendel and firmware was probably corrupted. I learned enough to use Marlin to get the thing kind of working. Unfortunately, the PLA (loose coil, not on a spool) that was sent with the printer had become brittle from inadequate storage (I’m a real noob), but I had ordered a spool of ABS which seems to be okay. Trying to get the printer calibrated to print ABS has been a real PITA. Then one of the 2 power supplies died and the two that I have from really old PCs don’t have sufficient amperage. I have a hosed up Alienware R3 that I will remove the PS from when I get time (don’t have any specs, but it should be sufficient). I have given up on it for now, as I have MK3 kit coming at the end of the month.

I do want to rehab and upgrade the Sells in the future with a better X carriage with fans and a better hot end. The thing desperately needs rewiring and a better heated bed. If anybody out there has tackled such an endeavor, I would love to pick your brains. I have run across the Open X/Y project and that is the way I may go.

The original Sells Mendel

My Sells Mendel


Oh well, given the lack of response and that I am not much of a fan of the threaded rod frame, I have started considering what else I could do with the printer. Being a woodworker, the Raise D3 is interesting. Or maybe Tom’s Dolly with a better frame and parts. I guess the steppers I have would only work with a rotary tool CNC, which I’m not sure I would find very useful. A router based CNC would be more like what I could use, but could use little of the old printer.
If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to discuss them.


Maybe you could use the parts to build an i3 …


An i3 or dolly is a good choice, reuses most parts, and frees up the Z axis.

I would pitch a SmartRap mini, cause I re-cadded most of the parts…but you have little parts reuse, its works best with a e3dv6 hotend and bowden setup.


Thanks to you both, I’ll look into the SmartRap Mini. Please let me know when you have the CADs available.


SmartRap Mini 2 on thingiverse now,

also a website I made for more details,