We did it!


We did it!

Also - I hate phpBB!

After a lot of cursing and a lot of letting an import script running overnight and checking back and forth if everything goes well, I finalised the last Topic last night.

Everything SHOULD have been imported, albeit I did have to delete two rar and a zip Attachment, since Discourse disliked them a lot. I also upped the max Body lenght of a Text, lowered the minimum title lenght and a lot more.

You might still find some missing attachments or old phpBB Code, if so - just edit the post if it’s yours or tell me so I can edit it.

Have fun and don’t forget to check out the DiscoBot “Greetings” Message in your notifications
(Srsly, please read it and the Community CoC) and the Guidelines!

You can find a list of the new features here:https://www.discourse.org/features

Enjoy your new Home :slight_smile:



Yay, phpBB is gone!
As always, we’re very open to feedback. Discourse is quite versatile and can be customized in many ways - it’ll be fun to see what this forum grows into!