Weird Retraction issue

Hey guys, so I have been printing pretty much all weekend and into the week so far. A lot of successful prints but of course somethings gotta go wrong. I created a bushing that I intended to use TPU on and sliced it in Cura. I go to print it, get the first layer down good so I walk away ten minutes later check on it and it appears that I have a jam. I cleared the “jam” restarted the print and again after the first layer it “jams”. So I restart again watch it and I find at the end of the layers it retracts the filament basically all of the way through the bowden tube (yes I know bowden and TPU don’t work well but I’ve had plenty of good prints with it so hold your horses before you blame that) after it retracts it goes to push it back into the hotend but always gets caught at the heat break basically so when it resumes the print there is no material making it to the nozzle. I thought maybe it was a bug so I upgraded to Cura 4.6 and it still happens. The only thing I changed between successful prints and now was the material in cura from pla to tpu. I’ve since just modified print settings under pla material to print thinking that maybe cura’s tpu material profile had an issue but it still does it. I’ve read over the GCode and there is nothing about retraction at all. Please help because this is starting to get irritating.