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A community centered around 3D Printing which is accessible to everyone. This includes open source designs, home built printers, and the sharing of information which helps everyone gain access to this wonderful technology. The people here are very enthusiastic about 3D Printing and always willing to help. Ask questions! Show us your ideas! Help advance what is possible!

We have a strict policy on spam and irrelevant content; which includes closed source, patent encumbered development, and self-promotion - if the users cannot replicate what you’re posting, it probably doesn’t belong here. No analytic URL shorteners. This includes bit.ly, goo.gl, etc. This just goes to show that you’re interested more in seeing how this community would benefit you through usage of analytics.

Low-effort posts, such as those with only a link, or a cloud of hashtags, will be removed. When posting, please include a bit of text to explain what it is you’re sharing, why you’re sharing it, where to find it, etc. This is not a link-bin to just dump things.

If for some reason you’ve been banned and you believe it might be in error - please contact one of the moderators directly. It happens more often than you might expect.

To see the list of current moderators, click on the list of members above this text (where it shows the pictures of 5 user icons), then select “moderators” in the dropdown

Code of Conduct

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