What print that can get you into trouble in your country?


I got KJWorks Mk1, not recommend it if it is your first gun for airsoft game(You should go with rifle first anyway), I got it cheap second hand so I don’t complained.
It’s very accurated handgun and quite powerful(450fps out of box with 0.2g BB)
What I don’t like is trigger since it isn’t gas blow back so the trigger is double action only and quite stiff one too.
Since it isn’t GBB the internal part is very simple and durable so if anything would go wrong I think it would be the gas chamber in magazine.



I design my own suppressor for my airsoft gun that help lower the noise so I can shoot target practice without attract too much attention from neighbor.
It’s a very specific design that work with one model only and I doubt it will ever work in real gun.
Even so I search up and find that in US even plastic suppressor can get you in trouble if it can lower the noise of the real gun.

This make me wondering, is there anything in your country that will get you in trouble if you print it in 3D printer? Aside from try to make gun which in most countries do.



Printing a suppressor for a otherwise legal (BB / CO2 airgun “up to 7.5J muzzle energy” - i.e. toys) would get you in trouble in Germany as well. Same is true if you print a mount to attach a laser or a torch to the weaver rail of a toy gun. I am not sure if this applies to airsoft as well. Also, we cannot have anything “illuminating” the target of (toy) guns in Germany. Also anything that is meant to disguise a weapon as something else irc.

3D printing anything that comes in contact with food/drinks in a commercial setup could get in a lot of trouble with Health & Safety authorities here.

Apparently, 3d scanning and printing “private parts” is a Nono in some countries as well.



I know this is pretty irrelevant but I was wondering what kind of airsoft gun you have. I am currently looking into purchasing one. Any recommendations? Also I have a budget of around $450.