What Simplify3D setting is causing this effect?


I have 2 Prusa mk2s profiles, one that comes from Simplify3D and the other coming from a user from the Prusa forum.

I printed an object only to notice the pattern difference on the top layer. This difference is also seen in the preview screen within S3D. I tried to compare the 2 different profiles but cant find what is causing this. Perhaps a more experienced S3D user knows.

Same object, but sliced using different profiles

thanks in advance.


I suspect your model isn’t flat so it’s slicing a slight slope into it. There’s probably a different layer height between the two profiles so on one profile the variance is less than a layer height and on the other it isn’t and so can be sliced.


thank you for the reply. To my knowledge it model is flat, but you never know when getting something from thingiverse. It looks pretty flat though

Both are sliced with the same layer height, but I will check tonight just to be sure


Is there any chance that you accidentally rotated the part by a fraction of a degree?


mm, I checked, both are 0.20 mm layer height. No degree tilting unfortunately, same model, all I do is slice it with a different S3D profile.

I will also ask on the S3D forum and report back here


perhaps you could share your factory files for each so we could take a look?


thanks for willing to take a look. I feel kind of hesitant sharing the profiles, I know it takes more work from you as a user to look at them and I don’t have a lot to give back (experience wise) at the moment. Still in the learning phase :slight_smile:


No harm in sharing, if someone doesn’t want to help, they don’t have to.

But could you instead add factory files (save them from the file menu) - these include the process and the model itself. So we can reproduce what’s on screen for you.



I created 2 factory files (handy, still learning about S3D)

I noticed something else, even with the default prusa S3D profile I get this effect between high and medium layer resolution. I included these 2 files.


omg this one is 0.2mm layer height
the other 0.1mm XD


Yes, the key difference between the two profiles is the layer height, which is why you’re seeing this.

There appears to be a very slight rotation in the model. At 0.2mm layer height, the variance introduced by the rotation is ignored because it’s insignificant but at 0.1mm and lower, it shows.

If you rotate the model in the Z axis 90 degrees and reslice, you see that the artifacts rotate too. And, if you instead rotate in the X axis by 0.02 degrees (a tiny amount) and slice at 0.1mm it looks perfect.


mmm, good detective work, I will have a look when I am home again.

Weird thing is

Prusa forum profile: 0.2 - shows the strange effect
S3D prusa profile: 0.2 - shows it perfectly
S3D prusa profile: 0.1 - shows the strange effect

I can also post the Prusa forum profile factory file


For best result I always use the “Place surface on bed” function (Ctrl + L) and then choose the bottom surface. This way the model ley straight on the bed.


Still a bit confused, so the object, or rather the top is not level horizontally speaking? If so, than I understand. But I dont see it when looking at the model unsliced

But still strange that other settings also influences this, both are 0.2 layer height. btw, here’s the other factory file with the other profile

good tip btw! thanks


3d builder that comes with windows has a "settle"tool. that will find the flattest orientation. 3d builder is awesome for fixing models before slicing.