Which filament store you prefer?


Hi all,

I recently bought an own 3D printer (Tevo Tarantula) and now I need to buy filament to be able to print :lol: .

And with this I want to ask you all, where you order your filament and what could be a good price range for standard PLA?

Thx for your input.

Best regards



Where are you based? Shops that offer a good price in the UK, may not be such a good price in the usa… (I got some filament shipped to the uk from australia, and the shipping was more than the filament :/)

Although, that said, a good all rounder in my experience is hobby king… I’ve had a lot of filament from them, and its always been high quality



Thx Dan3008,

I am based in Germany and will have a look on HobbyKing.
Didn’t kniew they have filament too.



Yeh, hobby king do a good range of filaments

https://www.dasfilament.de/ are good too (or at least, Tom recomends them) But I cant read german, so I’ve never navigated ordering from them lol (darn my lack of language skills)



I use “das filament” / filamentworld and hobbyking filaments.

cheap hobbyking filaments are fast sold out when there are some (eu store)
UK and global store is to expensive.

In my opinion the Filamentworld Filaments are much better than the “das Filament”
but costs 6-7€ more per kilo.

Das filament ships faster than filamentworld. but they are only 200KM away from me.



For europeans, Colorfabb is great, no shipping!

Their economy pla/petg are even less expansive than das filament : https://colorfabb.com/materials/pla/pla-economy



Not sure if you can get it in Germany, but I’ve had good luck with Inland PLA. It’s a rebrand of eSun. I also have a roll of their ABS and eFlex that I’m about to try. I’m able to order it from Amazon and get it locally from Microcenter within the US…I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get it or eSun from Amazon though! Their filament is pretty consistent and is incredibly inexpensive ($14-$20 USD here).



Hi all!
I also ordered a 3D printer and I’ve started to look where to buy PLA. As a beginner I will not be able to tell differences between filaments, so currently I am looking at prices and known brands. Also my printer will not be able to print ASA or other high temp filaments. So I’m looking at PLA to start my journey.
I am from Latvia and EU stores might be the best to look at. I’ve looked at:

Rigid.Ink - too expensive for starters, also shipping prices are too high £24.99 for 2 spools

Das Filament - cheapest PLA - 15.95€, shipping 17.38€ for 2 spools - better option

aprintapro - quite cheap PLA - 24.00€ shipping €14,90 for 2 spools - but not that much info available, except Thomas was sponsored by them.

filamentworld.de - quite cheap PLA - 24.90€ + shipping 14,99€ for 2 spools

Have not checked all Thomas reviews, but currently I’m looking at DasFilament, if it’s true, that Thomas uses it in most cases. Next might be aprintapro, just because it is still cheap, good specs on web page, but can’t find any real reviews on youtube.

I bought a random spool on Amazon, hope it will hold till I find a good option.