Which of my printers should I install a duet in?

I recently purchased a duet board and I’m a bit torn as to which printer to put it into. I’m curious what other people would do

Here’s the potential donors

Bigbox Dual extruder Kickstarter edition


  • Would benefit from quieter drivers
  • Good platform to make a tool changer / future capability
  • Already has working dual extrusion capabilities


  • Currently prints without major issues
  • Already runs Octopi
  • Some mechanical improvements needed on the Z
  • Extruder is bulky and due for an upgrade



  • It’s a delta running 8 bit and would benefit the most from 32 bit controller
  • Deltas are fun
  • Already has Octopi
  • Printing shows “Resonance” issue with a benchy, could be a controller issue?
  • No heated bed

Z morph 2.0S


  • Can run a variety of extruders and tools, making best use of the Duet board
  • Not already open source, has a bad interface and they refused to offer upgrade possibilities
  • If Duet adds closed loop would be best used on this printer


  • Not many good options for CAM path planning to replace the (underwhelming) native software with
  • Some odd design choices in the older versions of the Z morph (2.0s and 2.0sx etc) . Needs machined component replacements
  • Closed loop upgrades to the motors will be more critical for doing any light CNC cutting
  • May already run 32 bit?

Replicator 2 Modified with Aluminum Braces


  • Mightyboard is having some issues after a stepper driver popped
  • Stepper drivers are loud
  • Robust and reliable mechanical platform
  • Was being upgraded to a Titan Aero before the failure


  • Mightyboard may be fine when replacement drivers are installed
  • Requires a new PSU or a way to use the old one
  • It’s a makerbot so it’s a bit ‘special’

Let me know which one you would pick. I have my favorite but I’m curious what others might select.

Unfortunately I can’t add a poll!

i would upgrade the Deltamaker and put the reprap firmware on it.

I would probably upgrade the delta. As you say, it has the most to gain. And it probably is relatively easy to upgrade (which can’t be said for all your printers).