Which printer?

I am looking at buying my first 3d printer. it will be used for some functional items and some hobby items. i am looking at one that can do ABS as well as wood. i am wanting dual color so i can do soluble supports and looking for an area of around 400x400x400 with heated bed. i looked at the T-Rex but dont really want to spend 2K and would rather be closer to 1K or lower. any recommendations would be appreciated.

Hi Pert, welcome to the forum. A first printer ought to be a relatively simple and easy tool; advanced features make it tougher to get good prints while you are still learning.

Specifically, l very large print bed, multiple extruders, and using ABS all make for a steeper learning curve. Because of that, I’d recommend something like a Monoprice Mini Select as a first printer. It’s a small, inexpensive, single extruder printer meant for PLA (though you can do ABS).

If you have big projects in mind, get good at printing first. It is worth the extra step. Large ABS prints with supports are not a good entry point into FDM printing.


Thank you for the information however its not my first time printing, its just my first printer i will own. I am part of a makerspace that has several single extruder 9x9x9 build area abs printers that i have been using. I have some larger projects in mind along with dual color so i want to get my own. Also at the makerspace you have to stay in the building so looking forward to having my own i can hook up raspberry pi with octoprint and keep an eye while at work.