Why so many instances of G0 ?


Here is a snippet:

M205 X30 Y30
G1 F2400 E69.85509
G0 F3600 X150.537 Y99.484
G0 X151.815 Y100.136
G0 X160.227 Y114.422
G0 X160.304 Y114.484
M204 S500

Question: Why are there so many sequential G0 commands? Cura 3.4.1 but the same result in Cura 15.04.3



Because G0 are movement commands, every single Movement is either a Line with G1 or with G0
G0 : Rapid linear Move
G1 : Linear Move

So nothing uncommon



Thanks for your answer. But I still wonder why. What is the point of moving G0 to a point, doing nothing, moving G0 to another point, doing nothing, etc? Why not move to the right location in the first place?



Good question!

Sometimes the hotend needs to get out of the way of the print but cannot travel in a straight line because it would drag through the model. With multiple G0’s and no extrusion, the hotend can “circle” around the model and avoid damaging the print.