Casting the ON AIR sign with 3D printed parts!


This is what I’ve been working up to - casting the massive “ON AIR”, marquee-style sign!

Filament used: Aprintapro Flex Hard


I put this in the YouTube comments, but I may as well copy it here:

As a product designer, even with my hobby, I’m always interested in production methods for batch/mass production. How useful do you think this process is Tom? Those removed flexible parts looked re-usable to me, but I’d like to hear what you think.

Also - I never really get excited by decorative products (also, having a small house, family and pets means I don’t have room). Are there any functional applications for this technique?


@thingswelike I absolutely think that with the right raw materials and a well-suited geometry, you could use the process for production at scale. The molds are reusable after a bit of cleanup, but you probably want a non-destructive way of removing them instead of what I did by just poking them with pliers.
Again, that thing about “well-suited geometry” comes into play, so mostly, use draft angles and bevels/radii on corners.

I’ve seen the process used for casting paving stones, planters and just generally items that you want to fabricate yourself, but where plastic just doesn’t do the trick.


Thanks Tom. I need to get my thinking cap on! For me, it’s usually only when I’ve fully integrated the process into my workflow that the ideas come.

My Root 3 CNC should be working over Christmas, so I need to get using that first!